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 Virtual Trade Shows

 Virtual Trade Shows : The New Beginning


Virtual Trade Shows are among us from quite some time but never really kicked in as there is nothing like face to face meetings.The Buzz, The Handshakes, The Energy, It is just Great Experience along with a best networking opportunity. 

But due to the ongoing event in the Globe due to Covid-19.  We can see more people are going to move from physical trade shows to Virtual Trade Shows. As there’s just no possibility for organizing a physical trade fair as of now and in future also we have to be very cautious towards real life trade shows.

What is Virtual Trade Show

As per Wikipedia , First Virtual Trade Show was hosted in 1993 in New York City. Virtual Trade Shows are just like traditional trade shows but in a virtual environment. You can just log in your computer and access a Virtual Trade Show but you will need prior permission for this.

A Virtual Trade Show is almost an exact replica of a physical trade fair where you can find Booths of the participating companies. It is like a real life simulator game where you can find a complete environment of a trade show . 

As you enter a Virtual Exhibition Hall, there will be a reception for your welcome. There will be different halls having their sets of companies just like the normal trade show. You can also find a list of the companies who are participating in that show.

Both Exhibitor and Visitor can create their own customized Avatars which will be interacting on the behalf of you. You can call, chat, download videos & other content. You can even attend a conference or join a webinar in that online environment. Organizers also track visitors, live those who are joining.

Exhibitors can design their booth design, just like you see in real trade shows. Visitors first have to fill an online form and get an online badge to enter in a Virtual Trade Show. Upon visiting one booth you can download product related literature and videos. You can chat with them and get the potential leads from there.

To see a live demo check this Video here.      

Advantages of Virtual Trade Shows

One of the biggest advantages of Virtual Trade Show is that it can be managed and operated from a single computer desk. Money wise also it is much more economical as compared to the real trade shows. You can save a lot of things by holding a Virtual Trade Show like Time, Money, Logistics, Manpower etc. It will give you the ease which you will not get in a typical trade show.

Also you can be more flexible with Virtual Trade Shows. You don’t have to worry about travel, hotel and those early morning practices which you generally do for real life trade shows.

Disadvantages of Virtual Trade Shows

After all the benefits mentioned above there are few drawbacks of it as well. As nothing comes without its pros and cons. One of the main problems with Virtual Trade Shows is the technology barrier as people are still not used to these engaging & interactions. Also if you really want to touch a product and have better understanding about one thing then obviously the real life trade show will have an upper hand.  

Human beings means emotions which you really can’t get in a Virtual Trade Show. You can crack a deal in much shorter time as compared to online. Also sometimes you just can’t get to the right decision maker, as you don’t who is operating on the other side.


The current situation has already warned us why it is important to have an real life trade show alternative. As the world moves ahead we need to bring change in our way of communication. Holding a Virtual Trade Show is not only the demand of the hour but necessary to overcome the present situation.

Today, technology has given us a way to change things quickly so that the world economy doesn’t just stop due to any unwanted situation.