Organic Agri India Expo and Summit

Organic Agri India Expo & Summit
18 – 27 December 2020 Postponed New Date Reminder
Gandhi Maidan, Patna, India
Website –
Organized By Galaxy Cinevision India

Organic Agri India Expo & Summit 2019 – A Premium trade show showcasing all variety Seeds, fertilizer (Organic Fertilizer, City compost, Vermi-compost), Organic liquid (Spray), Zyme, Machinery items etc. The Principal Objective hare is to organize huge scale show which matches the glamour of the Agri sectors.

Bihar lies in the river plains of the basin of the river Ganga. It is endowed with fertile alluvial soil with abundant water resources, especially ground water resources. This makes the agriculture of Bihar rich and diverse. Rice, wheat, and maize are the major cereal crops. Arhar, urad, moong, gram, pea, lentils, and khesaria are some of the pulses cultivated in Bihar. Bihar is the largest producer of vegetables, which is dominated by potato, onion, eggplant, and cauliflower. In fruit cultivation, it is the largest producer of lychee and the third largest producer of pineapple, as well as a major producer of mango, banana, and guava. Sugar cane and jute are two other major cash crops of Bihar.

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