International Poultry Dairy & Livestock Expo

International Poultry Dairy & Livestock Expo
28 – 30 August 2020
Karnal, India
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Organized By Adamas & Events Pvt Ltd

IPDL is a one of a kind event for Poultry, Dairy and Livestock industry to showcase the latest technology and innovations from India and abroad. It will provide excellent opportunities to improve business efficiencies and competitiveness This event is a wide forum with valuable information about poultry, dairy & livestock industry. It will provide direct access to the major players and decision makers of the industry. These industries being the major contributor of country’s economic development makes it an attractive investment opportunity. India is emerging as one of the largest producer of Dairy , poultry and Livestock with an increasing economic profile .These industry has transformed from a mere backyard activity to major commercial activity. Despite all these achievements, lack of advancement in technology, and inadequate development are the major constraints in their systematic development. The focus of the event is to fuel the growth of the industries and related professionals.

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