Crescent Moon Exhibition

Crescent Moon Exhibition
28 Jul 2020
Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, Mumbai, India
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Organized by Crescent Moon Exhibition India
Crescent Moon founded in 2007 is predominantly a fashion fiesta for women who love to shop and are very high on aesthetics and are aware of fashion. This one-day exhibition showcases the work of mostly woman entrepreneurs, who have started businesses in their homes and have grown over a period of time through networking and acute business sense. Since these people constantly require exposure we are trying to provide them a platform to showcase their products and give them a great like-minded audience and prospective clients. As conveners we are also providing our audience a great shopping bonanza with an exclusive experience. We have tried to ensemble from all parts of the country a great professional and diverse display of clothes, jewellery, fashion accessories, Decemberorative, festive items & food

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