Bengaluru Tech Summit

Bengaluru Tech Summit
18 – 20 November 2020
Bangalore Palace, Bengaluru, India
Website –
Organized By MM ACTIV Sci-Tech Communications India

Bengaluru Tech Summit has always been a gathering foreground for all those who thrive on businesses that leverage technology. Over the last few years, the summit has become a global catalyst, introducing next generation inNovemberators to the market place & shrinking borders to bring world technology to Indian soil. A conducive stage, where industry experts share their insights on technological advancements in varied sectors and where businesses create fruitful cross-linkages to further their growth in the realm of IT and BT.

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”
Karnataka is globally recognised as the IT and Bio capital of the country with Bengaluru being branded as the most dynamic city in the world. With the boundless support showered upon by the Government of Karnataka, the state and the city offer the most conducive ecosystem for startups to ideate, inNovemberate and invent for a smarter future.

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